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May 2023

Inspired. Amazed. Fulfilled.

You crave unique, unknown places, new and diverse faces, gathering in uncommon and unfamiliar spaces.

Your time is too valuable to spend only at business events that give you no true Return on your Investment and absolutely no Return on Emotion. As we continue to live and work in an accelerated world with more distractions and demands on our time than ever before, going to the same old events in the same old places to meet the same old people no longer works.


You want to get out of the hotel breakout room and meet the real locals, inviting you into their cultures, lives, and sometimes even their homes.


Those are the experiences that open your eyes, impact your life, and shape your future. It's time to add a new event into your annual rotation.


Welcome to Barefoot Business. 

Barefoot Business is a gathering of professionals in the experience economy who convene differently. Through immersive experiences, deep conversations, and true camaraderie, they form the connections that help them drive their businesses and programs in more impactful ways. 


is it?

20 people

Barefoot Business experiences are for just 20 people. Applicants are interviewed to ensure they are part of the experience economy and are a warm, authentic human who leads with curiosity, embraces ambiguity, and is ready for adventure. We try to keep a balanced ratio of participants to ensure diverse conversations.

5-7 days

Our international programs range from 5 to 7 days. They are highly immersive and experiential. We tell you the embarkation and debarkation point, but the rest of your trip is under wraps. There may be other in-country flights or transportation to get you to the most spectacular places. It's a bit of a trust exercise... pack your sense of adventure! 


Your ticket covers everything related to the conclave from the moment you land at the local airport to the moment you depart. However, you will want to bring a little extra cash for mementos and maybe even for tipping every once in a while. Also, all-inclusive means people, too. This is an inclusive community, not an exclusive one.


It's the moments that matter. It's the moments that we remember. This experience isn't about just another networking reception, a series of panel discussions, and a keynote. It's about opening your eyes to new cultures and experiencing moments that will become stories you tell for years to come.

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Who will be there?

If your role touches the experience economy (events, hospitality, experiences, marketing, customer engagement, or community), then this is the group for you. What matters most is your desire to commune with incredible professionals across multiple disciplines to learn from and contribute to everyone's professional development. 

Our code of conduct

We have one rule: no selling. Our events are about business, but the "barefoot" comes first. This means that we kick off our shoes and have real, meaningful conversations and experiences that lead to lasting connections. 

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What makes these events different?

We source local, boutique properties that put us in the heart of a community. We are immersed in their culture from the beginning to the end. We don't want to be tourists, we want to be locals. Through these shared experiences, we not only form deep and trusting relationships with the others on our trip, but we also take our learnings and new perspectives back into our programs and learn to connect with our customers, communities, and fans in new, more authentic ways.


Douglas Caldwell, Director of Biz Dev, Atlantis

I have been to at least 5 of Liz and Nicole's events because I leave with new, deep relationships, great ideas, and always have an insane amount of fun!

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