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We get people talking.

We believe that events should...

  • Foster a sense of belonging

  • Create, engage and grow your community.

  • Be so engaging that participants forget about their cell phones.

And it's what we
do best. 

The Community Factory creates better belonging through transformative gatherings that activate, grow, and engage your community.


With a thriving community you can:

  • Retain customers

  • Gain insights 

  • Drive pipeline (and revenue)

  • Create raving fans


Totally professional.

If it's not fun, you're doing it wrong.

Brands can be boring. People are not. We're known for bringing irreverent fun to our programs so our participants join with a playful spirit, leading to genuine business-relationship-building conversations (and making our moms proud - hi, mom!).

When your customers are relaxed, the walls come down, the volume goes up, and real connections are made.


After helping Haute develop the new Return on Emotion℠ metric, Liz Lathan, CMP, and Nicole Osibodu craft every program to nail this metric and drive true, measurable ROI. (YAY!)

Not enough for ya? We also crafted the world's first secret business trip for experience economy professionals. Invented Zoom-based virtual adventures which was the most successful way to drive engagement (and pipeline) during a global lockdown. And created Spontaneous Think Tanks used by some of the largest brands in the world to drive peer-led conversations.

And we're crazy fun, too! 

Okay so now what?

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