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We build brand communities

Community Enablement Programs

and Community as a Service (CaaS)


Belonging is the most profitable business ever.

CaaS: Community as a Service

Through our proven framework and Community Enablement Programs you can:

  • Retain customers

  • Gain insights 

  • Drive pipeline (and revenue)

  • Create raving fans


Community-driven companies grow revenue 30% faster than product-focused companies.​

85 percent of business owners believe that branded communities had a positive impact on their business.



Brands can be boring. People are not.


We're known for bringing irreverent fun to our Community Enablement Programs so our participants join with a playful spirit, leading to genuine business-relationship-building conversations.


We (Liz Lathan and Nicole Osibodu) craft every program to evoke the right emotions that drive true, measurable ROI. (YAY!)

As the creators of Community as a Service (CaaS), we know that community isn't just a single event or an online platform. It takes time, resources, and actual humans to make it impactful. 

Self anointed as the Queens of CaaS, we put Community Enablement on the map as the way forward for community-driven brands using our proven framework for communities that convert.

Our Community Enablement Programs follow the new marketing funnel, which we call the Community FUNnel... and we just happen to be crazy fun, too! 

Our mantra: If we're not having fun, how can anyone else?

What would your business look like if every customer was your biggest fan?

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