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The Texas Smoke

The Texas Smoke, Austin's first professional women's sports team, turned to The Community Factory to create, grow, and engage their fanbase.

When Major League ballplayer Brandon Phillips decided he wanted to purchase a franchise of a Women's Professional Fastpitch team, he partnered up with fellow baseball pro Courtney Hawkins to select Austin as their home city.

With no brand, no stadium, no fans, and no place to start, they came to The Community Factory to help. Within 45 days, the team had a name, a brand, a website, an online swag store, and over 200 million media impressions announcing The Texas Smoke as Austin's first professional women's sports team.

While brand creation isn't normally what The Community Factory specializes in, it was necessary to begin building the community that would support this incredible team through partnerships and ticket purchases.

The Community Factory also created the first-ever Athlete Care Program to ensure that the number one community (our athletes) are taken care of better than any other team in the league through education, in kind gifts, and additional monetization opportunities.

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