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First impressions are important, but the follow-through is equally critical to your community. We make sure you're covered before, during, and after your events.


Engagement Audits and Consultations

Looking to add more engagement to your event, trade show booth, or community gathering? We can help evaluate your event program, recommend engagement activities, or help you plan a fully engaging experience for your audience.

Hosted Micro Events

From a Customer Think Tank series to Spontaneous Think Tanks to customized field event programs, let The Community Factory handle everything for your small customer programs from 10 to 150 guests. 

So you accidentally created a community…

It happens all the time:

You hosted an advisory council or you added a Spontaneous Think Tank to your event and now your attendees want to keep it going...

But marketing's job is to nurture leads to be sales-ready...

​And the event team may not have the direct customer relationship... 

​And the community team is focused on the user community...


​So who can run it?


Perhaps we can help!

With our suite of Engagement Services, The Community Factory has got your events and your community covered.


Community Design Sessions

Virtual or in-person workshops to help you build and prioritize your community plan, determine resource allocation, what can be accomplished in-house versus outsourced, and uncover what resources already exist within your company. 


Community Enablement Programs

Designing or re-designing events, advisory councils, and field programs for better relationship-building, co-creation, and collaboration. Can include facilitation of unconference-style peer-led sessions and other unique program elements that create memorable shared experiences. 


Community as a Service (Caas)

Retained resources to help you manage your community programs and online conversations within community platforms so your community members have a person to turn to when they need connections or support.


Training & Team-Building

Customized training programs to help your team uplevel their community engagement, better understand how to tie community to standard marketing metrics, or even help your event staff engage better at networking events and tradeshows. 

Book a free strategy consultation with us!

We've run communities and developed community enablement programs for some of the best community-first brands in the world. We're ready to help you.

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