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Ichi Community

Ichi is a community for marketing and event professionals in the experience economy. As the stewards of this community, The Community Factory runs all aspects of the program.

Born from the professional world of marketing and events, the Ichi community formed when 15 humans came together around a campfire to wax philosophical about what they really wanted from professional networking events. Turns out, it's not networking at all. They want to commune. They want to share stories. They want to get adivce. They don't want to sit in breakout room and tour booths and be forced into 1:1 meetings in every professional environment.

But professional associations are only catering to one kind of experience and they are not capitalizing on participants' desire to form deep and trusting connections.

Ichi was created to craft shared experiences and conversation-based programming that brings marketing and event professionals together to spark profitable relationships.

The Community Factory acts as the stewards of Ichi. We host environments for podcasts (often with guest hosts leading the conversations). We host behind-the-scenes adventures in partnership with our supplier ecosystem. We host monthly virtual gatherings on trending topics. We host Supper Clubs around the US. And we create pop-up events whenever we can.

The Ichi Community is free and open to marketing and event professionals who have an interest in the experience economy. Join at

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