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Eliminate networking events forever

The Networking Reception. Literally the worst. I hate, hate, hate networking receptions.

Walk into a ballroom with low lights, too-loud music, a buffet of veggies and hummus, and a line at the bar… filled with people looking at name badges or having conversations with people they already know.

So then I walk into the room and have to find someone I know, or get my drink and stand around looking for someone not currently in a conversation or wait for someone to approach me. “Hi, I’m Liz! Who are you with?” UGH. It is my preference to skip those. I’m just not wired to enjoy that experience. And I’m not even an introvert!

You know what kind of networking receptions I love? The ones that are community-building events, not networking events - with activities and hosts.

What’s the difference?

The key to a community-building reception is to give the participants something to do, and invite them to be a part of something.

Stop thinking of your networking reception as a check-the-box event element, and start crafting a community-building experience from the moment your attendees first set foot at your event!

Need a hand crafting a community event that welcomes people in? Drop me a line!

Liz Lathan, CMP, is co-founder of The Community Factory and pioneered Haute's Return on Emotion℠ business metric for experiential programs. The Community Factory creates better belonging through transformative gatherings that activate, grow, and engage your community. Contact Liz at

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