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Community Enablement Programs

From training to DIY to DFY, we have options to fit your business.

Communt Design Session

Community Design Sessions

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Need to start a community from scratch, design a community enablement session, or redesign how their community works? Our community design sessions can help - virtually or in-person. 

2-hour online Community Design Session or Community Enablement Design Session

Hosting, managing, facilitating, and providing a full report on the recommended design post-session

In-person Community Design Session or Community Enablement Design Session

Whether we're creating a community design for an existing event or conference, or creating an entire community plan for a full funnel community, when we bring all the stakeholders together for a day of brainstorming, planning, and camaraderie, the whole process moves so much faster! (Pricing does not include venue, F&B, team-building, or travel fees)

Community as a Service (CaaS)


With quarterly packages ranging from a part-time community coordinator for 10 hours a week to a full community management team dedicated to just your company, our Community as a Service offerings allow you to bridge a temporary personnel gap or completely outsource your online and in-person community management needs. 


Community Engagement 


Designing or re-designing events, advisory councils, and field programs for better relationship-building, co-creation, and collaboration. Can include facilitation of unconference-style peer-led sessions (known as Spontaneous Think Tanks) and other unique program elements that create memorable shared experiences. 

Spontaneous Think Tanks: Facilitated peer-led conversations where topics are crowdsourced from the participants.

Onsite facilitation of advisory councils or roundtables: Program design and facilitation of conversations. 

Field event programs and advisory council design: Transform your standard sports suite experience into a shared experience that drives true connection and profitable relationships. 

Training & Team-Building Programs


Custom Team Building Programs 

Whether virtually or in-person, bringing your team together for strategic planning and team building is a necessary part of building a healthy culture. But team-building alone feels like forced fun. Teams get stronger when they're working toward a common goal. We love to create quarterly or annual strategy sessions for teams with shared experiences built right in!

Spontaneous Think Tank Training (a.k.a. Happy Camp)

This two-day program trains your team on how to welcome, facilitate, crowdsource, craft sessions, and keep the energy up throughout your program. 

Modern Marketing for Event Professionals 

This 6-module (6 hour) training class helps elevate event teams to understand and leverage full funnel marketing concepts for strategic event programs. 

Eyebrows Up! 

Our 2.5-hour host readiness training helps your staff understand how to be welcoming, attentive, and act as event wingmen to your guests. Great for young staff members or those who are uncomfortable in a host position at events or tradeshow booths. 

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