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We're in the
relationship-building business.

Whether it's building a more communicative team that works remotely and doesn't get together in person often, or helping partnered organizations strategically plan and form personal bonds to help them through tough conversations, or bringing customers and prospects together with sales teams for shared experiences and genuine willingness to accept that follow-up call, we craft the right environment, tone, sense of belonging, and pure magic for those relationships to thrive. 

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Power in Company

We leverage the Social Influence Process, which we call

to spark the energy that drives connection.


Here are just a few examples of how we've helped companies like Conviva, Hired, Intel, JLL Technologies, Dell, and High Touch:

  • Immersive team-building offsite with strategic planning sessions (20 people)

  • Spontaneous Think Tanks at a multi-city roadshow (100 people)

  • Lead capture through in-person crowdsourcing at a tradeshow (2,000 people)

  • Experiential field event design and execution (20 people)

  • Spontaneous Think Tank for community-building and prospecting (20 people)

  • Experiential evening event at a trade show (200 people)

  • Conference agenda strategy session (virtual) to add in more space for interactivity and conversation at an upcoming annual conference. (10 people)

  • Spontaneous Think Tanks as a breakout option at a large conference (500 people)

  • Marketing training for event professionals (for internal event teams to better understand full-funnel marketing)

  • Event marketing strategy support to research and evaluate third-party trade show participation and develop recommendations for participation (and where more community-building activities should fit into the portfolio)


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