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Field Events


Sure, you can bring in a consultant to tell you how to run your business and help you align on a mission statement. Then you can go to a great group dinner and get to know each other.

Or.....You can plan the most impactful, eventful, and fun-filled business strategy session your team has ever been a part of. We're experts at customizing a one or two-day program anywhere in the world that will get your team laughing, sharing, and revealing their expertise which will drive your strategy further, faster than you ever thought possible.

We facilitate the strategy session, but you are the experts. We'll help you uncover that expertise among your team members and solidify your planning for the next quarter or year. 

Our strategy & team-building programs for 20-30 participants generally range from $25k to $50k.

Contact Nicole to schedule a conversation about how an experiential team building and strategy session can help your organization!

Nicole Osibodu  |  619-368-9527  |
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