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The experiential metric that means business: Haute's Return on Emotion™

Emotions drive 95% of our decision making,¹and when evaluating brands, consumers primarily use emotions rather than information. But which emotions? And what about in the B2B space?

That’s why we created a unique new metric we like to call Return on Emotion™  (ROE). ROE allows you to craft a program scientifically proven to yield results and measure the impact of that program, helping you to identify opportunities and make improvements along the way.

For all the details on the research study results, the blueprint, and the metric, visit 

For ideas on how to implement any of the five emotions that make up ROE: Hopeful, Adventurous, Active, Accepted, or Motivated, you're in the right place!


Ensure communications clearly outline how attendees will be changed after attending (what they will learn, who they will meet).

Help attendees connect the content with how it will impact their work. 


Bring in live experiences that get participants out of their comfort zone.

Bring in peer-to-peer conversations like a Spontaneous Think Tank!

Collaborate with partners to add wild fun at just the right moment. 


Welcome attendees from the moment they walk through the door and help them connect with others. 

Go beyond the First-Timers Welcome Reception and actually support new attendees with a real networking experience. 


Ask participants what challenges they're trying to solve when first get to the event, and help them connect with others who have the same issue or have solved it. 

Let participants help create the content with peer sessions they can lead.


Ensure participants have tactile takeaways to bring home with action plans to implement what they've learned. 

Help participants with next steps connecting with the people they've met at the event. 

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