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Just a few ways we create community


We believe in bringing people together to share experiences, have conversations, and create genuine connections. We craft programs that drive Return on Emotion by evoking feelings of hope, adventure, acceptance, activity, and motivation. We know that ROE drives ROI, so we ensure every program we run uses this blueprint. 

Our "seasonal" menu (Pricing valid through September 1, 2022)

For marketers with a Fall conference  ($40k)

1) A virtual adventure as a pre-event hype program leading up to your conference

2) A virtual attendee insight-gathering session as you prepare content for your conference

3) An onsite Spontaneous Think Tank the day before or during your conference (max 100 participants)

For marketers who need field events (Cost + $30k)

Planning and execution of three engaging field event think tank programs for up to 40 participants.

Sample agenda flow:
- Executive welcome (10 mins)
- Crowdsourcing (20 mins)
- Your company content (20 mins)
- Think tank sessionS (30 mins each)
- Activity, food, and drinks (1-2 hours)
(Costs vary depending on venue, activity, and F&B costs)


For leaders who need team strategy and bonding ($50k)

In person strategy and planning session for your team punctuated with team bonding experiences (no trust falls, we promise), held at Haute Spot and The Crossover in Cedar Park, Texas. This 2-day program cost includes F&B and activities. 

For marketers who need unique customer engagement (Cost + $75k)

Help your customers get away from it all with an experiential business meeting. This 3-day retreat can be held anywhere in the world and anchors on a collaborative think tank format, paired with local experiences. Costs vary depending on location selected.

The Ultimate Schmoozefest ($3.5m)

This 40 to 80-person experience starts with a private charter of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and ends on your own private island in the Maldives. Your 4-day all inclusive experience includes mind-blowing dark skies and the world's only over water observatory, as well as the World's First TED in the Sky program taking place during the flight. 

Our "everyday" offerings
(Contact for pricing as elements are customizable)

Micro events can be more impactful than large-scale programs. If your company has a large event, creating a small, intimate gathering to take place inside the program is your best way to create community and drive business.

Rising costs keeping you from holding in-person gatherings? Let us bring a wild adventure to your participants' screens through one of our Zoom-based virtual adventures!


Spontaneous Think Tanks (In-person or virtual)

Add free-flowing peer conversations into your event to drive active conversation, idea sharing, and problem solving. Facilitation can be 100% peer-led, or run by your company's SMEs on the topics crowdsourced from the participants. 

Think tanks fit well into existing conference programs, as an add-on pre-event program, or as a stand-alone event, and can be turned into full multi-day experiential programs anywhere in the world.


Zoom-based virtual adventures

Contrary to popular belief, highly engaging virtual programs don't have to break the bank - and they can take place just on Zoom. 

Treat your customers, prospects, or employees to an hour of fun by using the screen as a portal to exciting adventures. 

Need some business content? We'll marry the adventure with your subject matter (Talking about cloud? How about skydiving? Got a supply chain conversation? How about an exploration of a coffee farm?), and craft the agenda to ensure you have time for content delivery and conversation, too!


Internal strategy session & team-building

Screenshot 2022-07-02 094906.jpg

Sure, you can bring in a consultant to tell you how to run your business and help you align on a mission statement. Then you can go to a great group dinner and get to know each other. Or.....

You can plan the most impactful, eventful, and fun-filled business strategy session your team has ever been a part of. We're experts at customizing a one or two-day program anywhere in the world that will get your team laughing, sharing, and revealing their expertise which will drive your strategy further, faster than you ever thought possible. 

We facilitate the strategy session, but you are the experts. We'll help you uncover that expertise among your team members and solidify your planning for the next quarter or year. 

Customer Advisory Councils 


Gaining insights from your top customers not only engenders loyalty and retention, but also gets you direct feedback on your products, services, and future roadmap. If you've been meaning to set up an advisory council, but aren't sure how to run it, we can help.

Sponsorship activations

WhatsApp Image 2022-05-02 at 8.22.17 PM.jpeg

Tired of just taking customers to a suite at a hockey game? Kick it up a notch with add-on sponsorship opportunities that impress them, wow them, and add a once-in-a-lifetime moment to their night that will have them retelling the story for years.

MICE industry readiness evaluation + training


If you run an independent boutique hotel property or lead marketing for a destination seeking to attract corporate groups for meetings and incentives, we offer evaluations and competitive analysis to help you with positioning, messaging, and readiness to work with corporate groups. 

Through our Little Book for Little Buyouts and our Eyebrows Up! staff training, we'll help prepare your property or destination and your team to attract and manage group business.

MICE industry readiness evaluation + training

Screenshot 2021-11-06 031734.jpg

Fam trip support

Event professionals go on Fam trips regularly, so how can you make yours stand out... or better yet, drive actual business to your destination?

As experts in Return on Emotion, we know how to craft programs that drive real, measurable ROI. Let u help curate a Fam trip that will have your guests not only sharing the destination with everyone they meet, but sharing exactly why their industry colleagues should book their next event at your destination. 


Custom consulting engagements

If you're looking for intimate programs to engage your customer, prospect, or employee community, you're in the right place. We're not an event agency (for that, we refer you to Haute!), but we can help you design the program and the content to drive genuine connection among your participants. 

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