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Fast growth. 

Slow conversations.

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December 4-6, 2022
Crawford, Texas
Open to current and former Inc. 5000 CEOs

Your time is too valuable to spend only at business events that give you no true Return on your Investment and absolutely no Return on Emotion. As we continue to live and work in an accelerated world with more distractions and demands on our time than ever before, going to another big conference to listen to keynoters (when you should be the one on stage) is not how you want to spend your time. 

You've grown a company at an incredible pace - so incredible that you placed on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies. And the unique challenges that come with scaling, staffing, and managing that growth are nothing to sneeze at. 

You don't need another business coach or mastermind. You just need a small group of like-minded (and like-challenged) peers to learn from and share with. Your expertise matters to someone else. And someone else has something to offer you, too. That's what this gathering is all about.


Twenty Inc. 5000 CEOs together for 3 days at an upscale, rustic ranch in the heart of Texas. Fast brains. Slow conversations.


Welcome to Barefoot Business. 

What is it?

Our December Barefoot Business is a gathering of Inc. 5000 CEOs who are looking to convene differently from the standard "sit and get" conference. Through immersive experiences, deep conversations, and true camaraderie, you form the connections that help you drive your business in more impactful ways. 


20 people

Barefoot Business experiences are for just 20 people.


Participants of our December program are current or former Inc. 5000 CEOs, warm, authentic humans who lead with curiosity, embrace ambiguity, and are ready for adventure. 

3 days

Our domestic trips are generally 3 days, highly immersive and experiential, but anchored in conversation.


Activities are planned for various adventure-levels, and are optional, but encouraged.


Accommodations are  comfortable, climate-controlled, and rustic, but not "roughing it."


Your $5000 enrollment covers ground transportation, accommodations, excursions, meals, and supplies from the moment you land at the local airport to the moment you depart.


All-inclusive also means people. This is an inclusive community, not an exclusive one.


It's not about holding hands and sharing your great mistakes. But it's also not just another networking reception, a series of panel discussions, and a keynote.


It's about sharing challenges, finding solutions, and making the connections that will grow your network, your business, and your mind. 


Who will be there?

A total of 20 past and current Inc. 5000 CEOs. Making the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies comes with a unique set of challenges and solutions. You may be ahead of some participants and behind others in some area. Everyone has a challenge to solve and the ability to help someone else with a challenge they are facing. 


Our code of conduct

We have one rule: no selling. Our events are about business, but the "barefoot" comes first. This means that we kick off our shoes and have real, meaningful conversations and experiences that lead to lasting connections. 


What makes these events different?

We source local, boutique properties that put us in the heart of a community. We are immersed in the local culture from the beginning to the end. We don't want to be tourists, we want to be locals. Through these shared experiences, we not only form deep and trusting relationships with the others on our trip, but we also take our learnings and new perspectives back into our programs and learn to connect with our customers, communities, and fans in new, more authentic ways.

The Agenda

The topics of conversation and featured speakers are selected from the participants onsite during the opening night's crowdsourcing session.


Logistics: Arrive to the Austin airport (AUS) by 1:30pm Central on December 4th and you will transfer to Crawford, Texas (1 hour, 45 minutes by car) with fellow passengers in executive ground transportation. If you opt to fly into Waco Regional Airport, it's about a 20 minute drive, so please plan your flight to arrive before 2:30pm.

Day 1

Sunday, December 4, 2022

3:00pm Arrivals and podcast recordings

4:00pm Property tour and settle into rooms

5:00pm Crowdsourcing

5:30pm Dinner prep

6:30pm Dinner is served!

7:30pm Campfire Conversations

9:00pm Dessert and special guest

9:30pm Adjourn for the day

Day 2

Monday, December 5, 2022

 8:00am Breakfast in the Gathering House

 8:30am Breakout conversations

 9:15am Break

 9:30am Breakout conversation

10:15am Break

10:30am Breakout conversations

11:15am Lunch excursions

 4:30pm Return to ranch

 5:30pm Fishbowl session

 6:15pm Dinner

 7:30pm Campfire Conversations

 9:00pm Adjourn for the day

Day 3

Wednesday, December 6, 2022

 8:00am Breakfast in the Gathering House

 8:30am Action planning 

 9:15am Retrospective

 9:45am Check out of rooms

10:00am Departures


Put me on the waitlist!


Thanks for applying to be on the waitlist! We will notify you when a spot opens up!

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