The industry's first community-driven, potluck-style, content-free conference. True story.

December 3-6, 2022
Crawford, Texas

Barefoot Business Commune.png

Stop. Collaborate. And Listen. To the birds. To the popping of the campfire. To each other. We're talking hella Return on Emotion stuff here.

As we continue to live and work in an accelerated world with more distractions and demands on our time than ever before, going to another big conference to listen to keynoters (when you should be the one on stage) is not how you want to spend your time. 

You need a break from all the talk about data, personal safety, and mindfulness. You just want to get away with like-minded people and just BE for a minute. 


Welcome to Barefoot Business: Commune. 

What is this?

It's like a recharge reunion! There's a big kitchen and 20 adorable places to sleep. Some rooms have more than one bed, so if you're up for a slumber party, bring a friend and share a room. 

Cost: $1,175 + whatever you want to contribute to the experience for everyone else. 


  • Buy breakfast for everyone one day

  • Take 6 people horseback riding 

  • Bring the wine/drinks 

  • Offer to teach us/bring in something unique (Ukelele lesson around the campfire- yes, please!)

  • Bring items for a surprise room drop

  • Matching pajamas, anyone? Think of the pics...

  • You rich? Get everyone an in-room massage!

Oh, nothing, really. We rented a ranch to recharge- ya comin'?

No set agenda. No hard pre-plans.

Everyone brings something like a potluck.

Want to sleep late and wear your pajamas all day? Go for it.

We're not going to tell you what or when you have to do anything, you need a break from that.

We've picked a beautiful property with incredibly-appointed rooms. Rooms vary between single rooms, two-bedroom cabins, tiny homes, and rooms in the Gathering House. We've picked the dates Dec 3-6, made this web page and reg site and we'll make sure we have all the basics covered. The rest is up to you!


In order for this time to be whatever you need it to be, we will not be scheduling things you have to do so it is up to you to supply the options of things we can choose from. Want to bring in ukelele lessons by the camp fire? Sounds fun. Want to be the one who brings in a chef for a meal? That sounds fancy, do it. Want to be the one who orders pizza one afternoon for lunch? Sounds great, we'll do that. 

Who will be there?

This is a gathering of event professionals and the ecosystem that supports them. 


We welcome everyone from the experience economy to join us. At least the first 20ish of you. 


We have one rule: no selling. Our events are about business, but the "barefoot" comes first. This means that we kick off our shoes and have real, meaningful conversations and experiences that lead to lasting connections. 

Our code of conduct


What makes these events different?

Well, for one, there is no content planned for this one. It's a relaxing couple of days with industry friends. On the venue front, we source local, boutique properties that put us in the heart of a community. We are immersed in the local culture from the beginning to the end.  Through these shared experiences, we not only form deep and trusting relationships with the others on our trip, but we also take our learnings and new perspectives back into our programs and learn to connect with our customers, communities, and fans in new, more authentic ways.


Or not. Maybe we just escaped the stress of work and home for 3 days.

Image by Glen Carrie

Logistics:  You can fly into Waco Regional Airport or it's about a 90-minute drive from either Dallas or Austin.