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Creators of Community as a Service

Inventors of Community Enablement Programs

Serial Entrepreneurs

Best Friends


Our Story

With a background in corporate, creating and cultivating engaging events, gatherings, advocates, and communities, we (Liz Lathan and Nicole Osibodu) have channeled our love for getting people talking into full-scale community enablement programs. 

What began as a hobby in 2017, bringing people together for shared experiences and conversation-based events, turned into a handful of thriving communities. We took the framework that we used to build those communities and began applying it to corporate brand communities in 2022. Guess what? It works!

We leverage the Social Influence Process, which we call Power in Company   , to spark the energy that drives connection.

In addition to running The Community Factory, we are part of the ownership team at Lightstream, which includes a music recording studio and concert venue in Cedar Park, Texas. 


Be our friend!

Work with us!

We support a diverse array of client communities and a few of our very own, too, and are on the hunt for great community coordinators and community directors.


Our community coordinators take an administrative role on our team, scheduling podcasts and interviews, supporting event logistics, and keeping the community members nourished. The best fit for this role is usually someone with an administrative assistant, executive assistant, or small association background.  

Our community directors are the hub of our client's community, project managing the community enablement programs we run as a service. 

Interested? Email your interest letter and resume to

liz @

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