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Our Story

With a background in corporate, creating and cultivating engaging events, gatherings, advocates, and communities, we (Liz Lathan and Nicole Osibodu) have channeled our love for getting people talking into full-scale community enablement programs. 

What began as a hobby in 2017, bringing people together for shared experiences and conversation-based events, turned into a handful of thriving communities. We took the framework that we used to build those communities and began applying it to corporate brand communities in 2022. Guess what? It works!

We follow the Return on Emotion™ blueprint, a scientifically-proven formula for crafting business-ready environments (created with Haute and Alla Breve Consulting), and we leverage the Social Influence Process, which we call Power in Company, to spark the energy that drives connection.

Prior to founding The Community Factory, we were part of the founding team at Haute Companies, which grew into a collection of brands that included creative agency Haute, concert venue Haute Spot, luxury speed shop Haute Motorworks, and the swag-on-demand platform Swag Hub

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